What is Recalibration

From the F-Aurea tradition

Planetary Recalibration ® is a Meditation practice and a theurgic approach born from the Tradition of Gruppo F-Aurea , and from the work of Manlio Di Donato and Francesco Verticchio, aimed at training highly qualified operators and practitioners, capable of revealing their own inner truth and the essence of things, thus creating capable etheric works to go deep and confident, taking action to create positive changes in one's life.

“Whether we like it or not, we are the cause of ourselves. Being born in this world, we fall into the illusion of the senses, we believe in what appears to us. Then fear assails us and we forget that we are Divine, that we can change the course of events even the Zodiac. It is not matter that generates thought, it is thought that generates matter. "
[cit. “La futura scienza di Giordano Bruno”].

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By Ether we define what others have referred to as subtle energies, prana, ki, and many other names. For us, the Ether is everything that manifests itself in a multidimensional way, that is infinite above as well as below, and holofractal or a microcosm containing within itself the imprint, the image, the field of the macrocosm in infinite depth.

With Aether we define the whole. Recalibration therefore operates in this field, providing methods and knowledge to make multidimensional changes, such as you have not yet experienced. Quick, efficient, without any consumption of the psychic or vital resources of practitioners, without burdening the dissonance of others.

What is Planetary Recalibration ®

Planetary Recalibration ® was therefore created to give tools in the form of practices, paradigms, F-Aurea Information Fields, highly efficient, "clean", free from conditioning, powerful to those who want to try their hand at the inner alchemical work, dignify the COR, inner strength and awakening the seed of divine strength that shines in each of us. However, it is a practical and secular path, based on experiencing and comparing and experimenting with the Etheric Forces and their effects, not on dogmatism. Recalibration is based on repeatability for anyone who wants to learn it, it is not necessary to be born with special talents, the will to practice and the curiosity to experiment is enough. Practitioners learn to measure and observe the action of the Etheric Forces and multidimensional realities in the human being, then to evaluate the presence of distorted forms of the ether, born from etheric, limiting scars, which lead to confusion, lack of vital resources. They therefore learn to work effectively and deeply to purify, dissolve these limiters but also towards the dignification, development and growth of their innate potential.

"The secret of the Universe is not conquered, but is reached with Will and Love, with the COR or Heart and Respect".
[Francesco Verticchio].

In Recalibration you learn to discern and overcome individual beliefs, prejudices, without any form of substitution of psychological and medical therapies, but by working with forms of meditation and practices with the etheric forces. Practical tools are provided, not theories, efficiency without conditioning.

The path stems from the desire to understand, make practical and practical knowledge about the etheric forces and initiatory, channeling and so-called spiritual healing practices transmissible and shareable. However, it should be considered that Planetary Recalibration ® is not a path where any form of medical or psychological therapy is taught or practiced, it replaces any medical treatment you may need. However, it can integrate and complement existing therapies in a context of well-being, well-being and longevity as a discipline of holistic well-being, or natural, non-medical well-being.

In Planetary Recalibration ® you will learn:

Understanding observe and measure etheric forces and phenomena, also called prana, subtle energies, Ki, etc… Developing methods for perception and evaluation through a complete and intuitive model of the etheric field.

Develop the real ability to manage the Etheric Forces of the Celestial Bodies, for the purposes of personal well-being and individual growth, and through these act at a deep level, in the non-manifest foundations of the human being to activate powerful processes of liberation and transformation. And learn to operate through the powerful and innovative Information Fields of the F-Aurea Group, specifically created for the practice of Recalibration.

To develop the ability to Channel from the Akashic field or Earth consciousness field in a safe way.

Practicing without taking on the distorted energies of others, without creating distorted bonds, without any need for the operator to feel bad after a session, without getting heavy, practicing in total safety, not out of faith but out of understanding and observation as well as the ability to act.

But also in Planetary Recalibration ® you learn how to promote a profound interior change, which however follows your personal times without forcing, as a meditative practice based on the relationship with the Divine and not psychotherapeutic. The Divine should be understood not in religious and dogmatic terms but as the inner experience shared by all peoples of all cultures of the world, which allows us to overcome mutual differences, discovering the essence of humanity.

The recalibration practices and the F-Aurea Information Fields are tools shared only after years of experimentation, comparison, and study, after having thoroughly verified their efficiency and non-manipulability. Among the main cornerstones we find:

The work of purification of the etheric field and Akashic memory associated with birth and the Zodiacal Forces, from pre-incarnation, to conception, to gestation, to birth. It is a powerful, real practice. The changes are witnessed to us as progressive, gradual or in line with the times of the person, but profound.

A profound expansion of one's etheric carrier or the ability to create works on an ever-increasing scale, hand in hand with one's own inner liberation.

The practice of the Awakening Portal that amplifies the faculties of the mind to penetrate and reveal the essence of things, bringing itself into a meditative state and presence in the here and now.

The ability to operate in a multidimensional and holofractal way, concretely.

A complete language made up of Etheric Forces and Information Fields with which the practitioner can intuitively carry out his own works of evolutionary change and personal liberation.

Efficient tools to eliminate all forms of dissonant ether, etheric parasite, distorted etheric bond, etc .. But also and above all the correct evaluation and knowledge of these phenomena.

The Recalibration as well as any other work born from the F-Aurea Group is a non-dogmatic path, in which knowledge and practices are updated and implemented as research is carried out on new frontiers, this task is up to those who have Heart, Inspiration and Will, be it student, operator or teacher. Every year, teachers and operators meet to share observations, research, news, and to decide if and how to update the material in the handouts. However, we are interested in ideas, inspiration, as well as inspiration, so don't feel outdone, and if you have ideas feel free to share them with the teacher of your choice.

We therefore bring these points into the COR:

Shareability. What you learn along the way can be shared according to your personal wisdom and responsibility. The name Planetary Recalibration ® is a registered trademark that protects its practice for professional purposes and teaching, in order to avoid distortions and deviations. While the contents are shareable through a Creative Commons 4.0 license which allows it to be disseminated by non-operators or teachers who are licensees of the method as long as this is done on a non-profit basis. In fact, every aspect of Planetary Recalibration® is considered a World Heritage Site.

Respect for the freedom of personal choice. In the courses, your life choices are respected and your Freedom of Choice is encouraged in every aspect of life. There is no political, ecological, social, party, food proselytism, etc. The choices you make in your life concern you only. We share tools not rules.

Freedom to experience. We believe it is healthy to become autonomous in one's own growth path, without the need for “gurus” or “teachers” to tell you what to believe or not to believe. Without dogmas, but by educating us in personal responsibility, also by learning to reason, ask ourselves questions, use our abilities of etheric perception, and learning what healthy doubt is.

Absence of Secrets. The information is shared without secrecy restrictions. But it is up to the participants to ask, as in the seminars the program is flexible it can be varied according to the questions and requests.

Sharing of Information and Solutions. We believe that culture must be made accessible to all brothers and sisters on their way along the path of research, without discrimination. For this reason, in parallel with the seminars and paid books, we freely share publications, videos, workshops.

Awakening and Rebirth of the Sense of the Sacred. By sacred we mean the understanding of the numenic, divine force that is at the root of the human being. We believe it is the right of the human being to know and experience the divine, the Gods, without going through the dogmas and censures of past religions and traditions. This is why we respect the past and study it, but we free ourselves from it and open a new chapter for the rebirth of the human being and etheric-inspirational practices for the benefit of the rebirth of the sacred fire in the human being and for the Planet Earth.

Absence of dogmas. Dogmas are not provided, but experiences and comparison that allow practitioners to be able to operate on themselves and obtain results immediately, hand in hand with their desire to discover and discover themselves. We believe it is healthy to provide methods to extract the innate Inspiration in students, without any need to put dogmas or beliefs inside them.

We do not practice coaching, counseling, or alternative forms of NLP veiled in mysticism. The help tools that are developed in counseling as well as those of therapeutic NLP and in modern coaching are something very different from what we propose, which is instead based on practices of meditation, inspiration, theurgy and the work with the Information Fields. -Aura.

We are not a sect or a pseudo-religious body. We are a non-dogmatic path, but ordered and inspired by the research and rediscovery of the innate divine.

We are not a collection of information and techniques taken from other paths and stitched with new words. Recalibration arises from research and is constantly updated in practices, theoretical bases and models. It is a constantly growing path, it is unsuitable for those who need revealed dogmas and truths, universal laws that tell you what to do, avoiding the risk of thinking and feeling. It is unsuitable for those who believe they have completed their training as an operator. Instead, it is perfect for those who constantly want to get involved, discover, and improve.

We are not a magic wand that solves every problem. Those exist in fairy tales. Recalibration proposes a method and a path to free yourself, which arises from developing confidence in your own etheric and meditative means and abilities, willpower, ability to understand and really act with etheric forces to improve your life.

Origins of the Practice

Planetary Recalibration ® is a method of meditation and an Inspirational approach born from the research of the F-Aurea Group, by Manlio Di Donato and Francesco Verticchio. In it, 97% of the material comes from our independent studies. We inherited the remaining 3% from the paths we trained with and which we have verified to be effective. We refer mainly to the method of etheric manual perception, which we learned in the context of the "Energo Vibrational Technique ®" founded by Dr. Roberto Zamperini, in turn inherited from Pranic Healing, which in turn developed from the so-called projective Qi Gong and practices of etheric perception that were prevalent in the 1990s. We are honest to tell you because we believe in integrity first.

Manlio Di Donato works as a Natural Wellness Operator, doing sessions and transmitting the Planetary Recalibration ®. He studied in his training the Energo Vibrational Technique®, Shiatsu, Mindfulness, and Thetahealing®. S.I.A.F. accredited professional (Italian Society of Family Harmonizers, Holistic Operators, Counselors, Holistic Counselors) n ° VE858-OP. Freelance profession pursuant to Law 14.1.2013 n. 4.

Why did we start Planetary Recalibration ®?

To give the best possible tools about the etheric forces in the world, and that they are powerful, truly effective, free from all forms of etheric crap - pacts, vows, constraints, forms of conditioning, conditioning entities, subtle seals, subtle chips, etc. as he had personally encountered them in other paths. And to provide a way to get rid of the very same forms of etheric filth. To allow those endowed with Will, Heart and Inspiration to go beyond appearances and open the doors to an unlimited potential that does not depend on the practice itself but of which the practice is an antechamber. And because doing research we discovered so many new possibilities that there was no other way to let you know.

Legal and regulatory aspects

Planetary Recalibration ® in Italy is part of the holistic disciplines, of the DBN (natural bio disciplines), of the arts for natural well-being, and of the so-called oriental philosophical disciplines and practices for well-being and longevity. It is a practice based on cultivating the relationship, the consonance with the Divine, God, the Gods - understood as a practical philosophical paradigm, dedicated to knowing ourselves and overcoming ignorance, pain and superstition, cultivating the ability to act etherically.

In Italy these practices include among others: yoga, reiki, thetahealing, pranotherapy, mindfulness, bionatural massage, qi gong, tuina, shiatsu. And they are all considered, including recalibration, practices of Freelance, regulated pursuant to Law 14.1.2013 n, 4. None of these practices are recognized by the Italian state as there is no university course that ends with a state exam that qualified for the profession. It is allowed to practice it after adequate training, as it is a free profession like any other profession that does not require a qualifying state exam. We inform you of this precisely to fulfill the obligations of Italian law.

For these same reasons, the Planetary Recalibration ® provides a pathway Operators & Teachers of Planetary Recalibration ® accessible after completing the Introductory, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 of Planetary Recalibration ® meetings. The course is dedicated to the training of both specialized and highly trained operators and teachers and is the only way to practice Recalibration as official operators. You can also practice it in an amateur, non-profit form with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This allows you to freely share the material of the Recalibration, as long as you always mention the source of the shared material and in case of adaptations indicate which ones you have made and the difference with the original material.

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