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Do you want to become a teacher or a professional Planetary Recalibration ® operator? Teachers and Operators are those who carry on the diffusion but also the Evolution of the practice of Planetary Recalibration ®, practitioners who with Heart and Wisdom have the responsibility to pass on but also to make the practice grow and reshape by continuing the Inspirational research and its eternal rebirth in the ages, according to the F-Aurea Tradition.

“Whether we like it or not, we are the cause of ourselves. Being born in this world, we fall into the illusion of the senses, we believe in what appears to us. Then fear assails us and we forget that we are Divine, that we can change the course of events even the Zodiac. It is not matter that generates thought, it is thought that generates matter. "
[cit. “La futura scienza di Giordano Bruno”].

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Attraverso il Percorso Insegnanti & Operatori di Ricalibrazione Planetaria ® impari a mettere a frutto questa disciplina anche in un ottica di professionismo, studiando appositamente come tenere una sessione in tutti i suoi aspetti, dalle leggi che regolano il settore, alla pratica stessa con i clienti, fino al come curare la tua preparazione personale e come gestire l’energia ambientale dello studio dove pratichi.

All this with a view to serenity, mindfulness, Inspiration. The course touches on topics such as: Professional ethics of the holistic sector; customer relations; public speaking; assist students by maintaining their own centering; recognize the real needs of customers without being influenced or sidetracked, remaining neutral and firm in the assistance that is provided; insights into the recalibration practice and specific strategies; insights into neuroscience; insights into the Information Fields and the Stellarium introduced in the Phase 4 course.

Intensive Course

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Operators Path

This path legally provides the license to practice Recalibration as a form of profession, and deepens the training of the operator. More in-depth and appropriate practices are put in the hands of future operators to conduct a session. Personal preparation is taken care of, indicating ideas and work themes to dissolve the limitations to practice and success as professionals. Knowledge of Italian laws and regulations is taken care of, both necessary for practicing as Professional Operators and for opening a Holistic or Natural Wellness Studio. We study the legislation on privacy and the management of customer data. We prepare to know and understand the types of customers, their requests and how to welcome them. Finally, the material is provided to operators in the form of sound information fields and instructions on how to organize public sessions of group meditation and etheric practice, called planetary channeling and aimed at assisting the recovery of well-being and vital resources in the group.

The Operators Path is accessible upon completion of the Introductory Paths, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4. And after having practiced on yourself.


History of Recalibration and the F-Aurea Group.

Practice ideas for being yourself and not following gurus or masters.

In-depth study and additional keys to the work with respect to the themes of previous seminars.

Cultivating the Will and Opening the Heart.

Bases for an ethically sound practice.

Aspects of the inner work on: Manipulation and Freedom. Will. Abundance. Borders and defensive strength. Fear. Will & Desire. Addictions and personal freedom in the evolutionary path.

Overcoming the guilt and embracing the sense of responsibility.

Understanding the F-Aurea Information Fields.

Effects of etheric release and paradoxical effects: knowing and managing them.

New Paradigms: Observation as an etheric model.

The Unmanifest and the Dark Side of the Etheric Force.

Evolutionary Dimensions and Evolutionary Limits.

Evolutionary Password Removal.

Professional ethics and deontological code of Planetary Recalibration.

Consonance with the Divine Purpose of the Customer and the Operator.

Legislation on the liberal professions.

Privacy protection.

How to open a Holistic Studio, laws and regulations.

Insights into customer practice.

Personal etheric preparation and study.

Evolutionary Dialogue, not psychology.

Insights into etheric anatomy.

Geography of the higher worlds.

Duration: 40 hours (5 days). More internship *.

Attached material: Handouts, documentation and forms in paper format and on USB key. Subharmonic sound file for Planetary Canalizations. Support for the purification and etheric environmental remodeling Domus_AetherLightspace.

Teachers path

Once the Operators path is completed, it is possible to access the teacher training, which offers the possibility to officially organize Introductory paths, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4. The teacher path therefore provides a complete preparation on how to hold Planetary Recalibration seminars ®, how to speak in public, how to manage the dynamics created in groups. But it also takes care of the preparation of the premises, and reveals how to manage a course from an etheric point of view to increase its effectiveness and ensure that students are greatly facilitated in learning. Nothing in the recalibration is left to chance. All the necessary teaching materials, teachers 'handouts and pupils' handouts are provided to be printed.


Manage a seminar, behind the scenes.

The preparation of the teacher.

The etheric preparation of the place where the seminar takes place.

Public speaking and leading groups.

Recognize the types of students and how to follow them.

How to conduct an introductory seminar.

Work schedule of the introductory and key points to be highlighted during the seminar.

How to conduct a seminar Step 1.

Phase 1 work schedule and key points to be highlighted during the seminar.

How to conduct a seminar Step 2.

Phase 2 work schedule and key points to be highlighted during the seminar.

How to conduct a seminar Step 3.

Phase 3 work schedule and key points to be highlighted during the seminar.

How to conduct a seminar Step 4.

Phase 4 work schedule and key points to be highlighted during the seminar.

Extra experiences and variations in the seminars.

Classroom management.

Legal and regulatory aspects of the profession in Italy.

Inner work themes for Recalibration teachers.

Duration: 24 hours (3 days). More internship *.

Attached material: Handouts, documentation and forms in paper format and on USB key. Support for the etheric environmental purification and remodeling specific to the courses, Domus: Locus Numenico. Support to amplify the planetary etheric forces, set of didactic cards, multifunction etheric memory on physical support.

We believe it is essential to be autonomous in the way we choose to practice and in facing the challenges of life. Once a year, teachers and operators are asked to update their practice by following a special meeting to deepen the practices and to exchange opinions, results, help us on difficulties, and do research together.

No. Instead, it is necessary to complete a training internship whose number of hours varies based on the recalibration paths already completed previously.

No. The Planetary Recalibration Teachers & Practitioners ® path is available only live, as it is necessary to experience directly and firsthand the themes and subtle energies that are going to move. It is unthinkable to want to obtain this preparation without direct confrontation.

All those who have completed the Introductory, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 courses. No discrimination is made. No educational qualification is requested. We welcome all those who as Eternal Embodied Divine Consciousness wish to share and spread the experience of Recalibration with the world, with Heart, with Wisdom, with Divine Inspiration.

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